Frequently Asked Questions

AutoFileMove is a service helps webmasters and serious web users to move their files between different cloud storages.
AutoFileMove gives users different tools to automate files movement such as schedules and filter rules.

We don't keep users files on our server except in special cases we keep files in memory till transfer done and then delete our copy when transfer done.
We save your services password encrypted, so it is secure and no one except you can know your passwords.
No, Our services are not free, but registering a new account will give you 7 days trial version includes all website features and tools.
Also we sometimes give free periods using coupons to special users.
There is no limit number of transfers you can do, so enjoy the unlimited transfers and unlimited bandwidth.
You can turn to paid account simply by clicking on upgrade button in your account settings page, home page or header menu.
This will forward you to page contain different payment methods.
Yes, you can generate a link for any file in any of your cloud services and share with anyone. Just click on the share icon beside the file name to start sharing

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